All of your favorite colors, flowers, flavors, and people are there. Your wedding vision is an exact representation of your personal style and love story. So many beautiful moments to be had!

It’s time to actually begin making those big planning decisions! You’re excited, nervous, and even maybe a little overwhelmed with all of the details that planning a wedding includes.

It's easy to imagine your wedding day.

That’s what we do… and we can’t wait to do it for you! 

Brianna Stone Events believes that those details are the difference between just good and totally great wedding celebrations. We know you care about even the smallest details and we do too!

Details are so much more than your linen selection. It’s about being sure your guests feel welcomed. It’s about resting assured that your flowers and cake will show up on time. It’s about not worrying if the entertainment is going to play your favorite song. It’s the moment on your wedding day where you sit back and realize every little detail is taken care of. 

Please, make yourself at home




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